Sample Listing with easy to follow Instructions

Seller Information (optional)

You can choose to add your Personal Information to the Listing or remain private. Buyers can contact you using the form on your Horse’s Listing. Be sure to check your spam box or whitelist to be sure you receive your emails.

How Ad is Displayed:

Add Horse Information

Additional Horse Information

Videos must be uploaded to youtube or vimeo-they will be playable in the Search and Category Pages

Checkboxes are available under each of the following entries to indicate if the item is Not available, or if Buyer can Request it by email, if it is not included in Listing.

A T’breds representative can assist with radiograph, ultrasound and videoendoscope uploads. These will be links on your Listing for users to visit and view.

For .DICOM files only; either attach a link provided by your veterinarian, or contact T’breds via CHAT, email [email protected] or call (859) 629-5906

Videos & Videoendoscopes must be uploaded to youtube or vimeo and the link pasted in the required field. They will be playable in the Search and Category Pages

You can choose the upload the documents below or require Buyers to request from in the form on the Listing Page.

Documents can be uploaded as .jpg and .png, directly from your phone or computer or as .pdf or Word documents.

Be sure to read and agree to the TERMS OF USE .

Once satisfied, you click the button and Preview your listing before check out through PayPal. Check out page is where any coupon would be entered.
Paypal accepts all major debit and credit cards as well.

If you are using a Coupon, click the link shown at the arrow to enter the code, lower case.

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