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We hope to give you an economical, yet easy to use platform for selling your horse nationally and potentially internationally. The key to its success lies in transparency with its associated knowledge to attract legitimate buyers to the purchase of your horse. This begins with an individual horse listing that reveals substantial information to a prospective buyer. It also provides a platform for receipt and viewing of pertinent documents and medical data. The seller can choose the category he wishes to place the horse and upload or request optional examinations or tests. Whereas most horses have irrelevant blemishes on some form of an exam, The T’Breds auction site, with associated lameness exams and negative drug screens can make the potential buyer much more confident that the blemish is insignificant. Questionable standing endoscopic exams can be more closely scrutinized with Dynamic endoscopy while training. And potential tendon and sesamoid issues can be addressed with ultrasound examinations. Of course some auction categories require very limited if any exam records to be uploaded.

Once the necessary details have been uploaded, the horse and its information will be placed on the auction site. The seller is able to set reserves, moderate bidding, and set a sale price. Once a buyer has reached the sale price he will place a deposit down with the auction house, holding the purchase for 72 hours (three business days) to allow him to perform his own inspection. If he opts out during this time, his deposit is returned and the horse returns to auction at whatever price level he desires.

Once a sale is complete, T’Breds will broker the transaction by receiving the funds from the buyer, receiving a bill of sale from the seller and performing the exchange. T’Breds will retain its 5% commission out of the seller’s income from the buyer.

Sellers will be required to acknowledge this procedure and other details in the user agreement.

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