How it works




  1. Seller registers and uploads a horse’s listing details through their seller’s dashboard. This may include the Jockey Club registration papers, state registration papers, engagement documents, and more.
  2. When a listing is created, the T’Breds insertion team may be requested to perform any optional services and examinations. The insertion team will place exam reports on the auction site.
  3. After holding funds in escrow for one week, T’Breds pays seller, less brokerage fee, within two weeks of sale.


  1. Buyer registers with site.
  2. After reviewing horses and associated information, buyer bids on horse(s) of choice, purchases, and conveys funds to T’Breds as indicated.
  3. After purchase, the buyer has 72 hours (three business days) to have his own examinations performed or take the horse as-is.

Special Considerations

  1. It is beneficial to include photos, videos and exam results in your auction listings.
  2. If selling a broodmare, it is beneficial to include a reproductive status form completed and signed by the examining veterinarian.
  3. Buyers are able to request documentation not provided by a seller, at which time, the seller may choose to have the T’Breds insertion team produce the requested documentation.