Economic Model That Works

“T’Breds” is the premier online auction site for thoroughbred racehorses, from foals to stallions. Buying online has proven to dramatically reduce overhead, and thus, the cost of virtually any product. By using “T’Breds”, sellers cut commission, travel, shipping, boarding and medical costs. More of the buyer’s out-of-pocket expense goes toward the horse and into the seller’s pocket. Buyers spend less. Sellers net more.
The industry survives. The horse is respected.

More Knowledge, More Power

“T’Breds” also offers more detailed knowledge of the horse, including video that can be watched again and again, empowering the buyer to make a more informed decision.

Online Efficiency

The transition from inspection to bill of sale is seamless. “T’Breds” handles it all.

Unequivocal Integrity & Confidentiality

Integrity is maintained through an advisory committee, representing breeders, trainers, agents and veterinarians. “T’Breds” offers complete confidentiality.

Access More Knowledge to Yield a Better Return!

  • Radiographs
  • Video Scope/Dynamic Scope
  • Physical Exams
  • Lameness Exams
  • Video Walking
  • Breeze Videos
  • Drug Testing
  • Medical History
  • Key Measurements/Statistics
  • Ultrasound Exams